John and his son, Will, are life-long entomologists and Naturalists. John started 40+ years ago and has never lost his love of bugs. 15 years ago, when Will was 3, they started to collect insects together. Combined, they now have a MASSIVE collection of over 1800 different species of insects on display from all over the globe. There also is an ever growing collection of LIVE insects in their private zoo. These vary from season to season but usually include a Rose Hair Tarantula, Australian stick insects, Walking LEAF insects, American walking sticks, Hissing Cockroaches, Brazilian flying cockroaches,  Blue-Berry colored "Death Feighning" Beetles, a Vinegaroon (whipscorpion), local leeches, dung beetles, a PURPLE widow spider, Black widow spiders, male and female, 2 types of orb-weaver spiders, praying mantids, millipedes, various butterflies, etc.  Due to popular demand, BUGS-R-US has BRANCHED out and now offers a total of 22 different Science-based Educational PORTABLE presentations. All shows are aligned with Oregon State Educational Standards as well as National Science Education Standards.

Meet the "BUG-GUYS"

One comment that we hear repeatedly from teachers is how nice it is to have  programs like this come to them. A lot of school districts are watching every dollar now days and field trips cost MONEY. We eliminate the need to get the kids out of class, no bussing, fuel, or chaperones.


Bugs-R-Us Educational Services