Meet our **STARS** 

CHARLOTTE the TARANTULA is the oldest of the current critters.  She is about 15 years old and is as frisky as ever. She is a Mexican Rose-Hair Tarantula. She enjoys long walks, eating crickets and giving BUG show guests an occasional “HIGH 5…..or 8?”.

About once a year, she decides it’s time to change her wardrobe and will simply CRACK OPEN her exoskeleton.  This is how she grows. When she does this, we aren’t able to pet her for about 2 weeks until her new body hardens. She EATS her OLD body, by the way. Charlotte does NOT bite and has been touched by LITERALLY 100's of THOUSANDS of different visitors.


PICKLES the WHIPSCORPION is about 6 years old.  Whip-scorpions….or VINEGAROONS….do not bite, sting or pinch. She can shoot a form of acid from underneath her tail.....BUT SHE DOESN'T..... that smells like DILL PICKLES. 

She also eats crickets and loves to chase them down…..she has a VERY good appetite. Her CHELICERAE at the front of her face are not for pinching but are for GRASPING the prey while her mouthparts shoot out and chew up her food. She is very gentle.



SHELLY the BOX TURTLE is about 14 years old and is a very sweet girl.  Her lifespan is roughly 50 years so she’ll be here a LONG time!  She loves to be touched and she does her best to check out visitors as THEY are checking HER out.

She enjoys sitting in the sun, swimming in her tub, watching birds and TV and telling jokes.  She has an EXCELLENT appetite and eats chicken, fish, shrimp, veggies, bugs, berries and ALL KINDS of fruit.


Chewy is an 8 month old bearded dragon.  He's gettin' used to people and being petted.  He LOVES to eat fruit and berries and BUGS of ALL kinds.  A REAL "LOVE SPONGE."


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