Bugs-R-Us also has other science based nature programs. 


-- "BUGS and BUGS as FOOD!"

This is the ORIGINAL portable zoo! Witness some of the LARGEST preserved insects on EARTH! Some are larger than your HEAD! Special attention is paid to the world of insects, bug anatomy, bugs in the environment, what bugs eat, insect defenses, and camouflage.  Depending on audience age, we can play the beneficial bug game….find out how insects help humans. Learn how many insects are on the earth at ANY GIVEN TIME. Insect history is always an option, too. The audience gets to touch and explore LIVE insects including 3 species of stick insects, a tarantula, 2 species of cockroaches, a vinegaroon and BLUE-BERRY Beetles.  Other LIVE but NON-TOUCHABLE insects include Black widow spiders, bark scorpions, orb weaver spiders, beetles, praying mantids, SUPERWORMS, etc.
(Seasonally available)
The rumors are true…..we do EAT bugs as well!
Along with the regular BUG program, we also offer to let audiences EAT real insects....
freeze dried crickets and mealworms
(They taste like chicken with a potato-chip coating. Picture POPCORN with LEGS.)
As weird as this sounds, since we starting offering the chance to eat insects, EVERYONE has said “YES.”
It’s something you DON’T want to miss……just ask! 


We cover the basics of the Applegate and Oregon Trails combined with the animals, plants and geology that the settlers encountered. We discuss the game animals…bison, elk, deer, quail… as well as the predators….coyotes.  And the best part is the PETTING….hides  horns, and feathers from ALL of the mammals and birds that we discuss.  Includes information about the landmark rocks and rivers as well as the importance of the bison to the Native Americans as well as the pioneers.
Each student receives a detailed OREGON TRAIL Historical map and an activity page at the end of the program.


Take a walk on the “WILD SIDE” in our own backyard.
The Siskiyou Mountains have a wide variety of animals not commonly seen anywhere else & this is your chance to learn about the best!
We discuss 14 different animals & the best part is the PETTING!  Real furs, pelts & feathers from uncommon animals such as a WOLVERINE, LYNX, SPOTTED SKUNK, BALD EAGLE, FISHER and MARTEN.
Includes information about the geology of the Siskiyou Mountains, rare plants only seen here and the formation of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.
Each visitor receives a detailed Siskiyous coloring page at the end.


Explore the GREEN world around us as we learn about the MASSIVE importance of local trees and plants. All aspects are covered from grasses, fungus, nuts, fruits, plants, flowers and trees and the AIR that they give back to US! Examples of LOCAL cones, leaves and plants are discussed including the life cycles of many different specimens. The economic values are also covered. Visitors receive handouts describing the parts of trees and leaves and everyone gets a DOUGLAS FIR or REDWOOD CONE......plant your OWN forest! Tailored for all age groups.

-- "FISH"

Learn about our UNDERWATER friends as we DIVE into the lives of FISH! Local examples of 12 different species are discussed including how gills work, lifecycles, food and economic values. Special attention is given to the lives of Salmon. How fish are built and their roles in the food chain are also discussed. Visitors receive FISH coloring pages and the Salmon lifecycle diagram. NO LIVE ANIMALS. Tailored for all age groups.



We study LIVE worms, discussing what they are, worm anatomy, what they do for the planet, how they do what they do and how important worms are for composting.
Includes information on building and maintaining a compost bin at home. WORM MYTHS are also cleared up in this
fact-filled study.  GOOD SLIMY FUN!


We cover the basics of types of rocks and minerals, including fossils and have an in-depth discussion about how we use minerals in everyday life....oils, plastics, salt, etc.
Oregon geology is highlighted. The creation of fossils are also discussed. Participants receive free rock samples for their own collections at the end.


We investigate a WIDE VARIETY of American Desert animals and learn about how they can live in such an ARID environment.  The BEST part is the PETTING!  Pelts and feathers from animals such as the roadrunner, vulture, jackrabbit, rattlesnake, javelina, badger, desert fox, big horn sheep, prairie dog, etc.

This is a STEM category program and includes a detailed activity page and decals of various animals for the students to place in the desert environments.


Participants get "hands-on" with real owl pellets...we get to play DETECTIVE with latex gloves, tweezers and magnifying glasses to find out what the owls have eaten.  We discuss owls in the environment and the part they play in the food-web cycle. Includes HANDS-ON time with a taxidermied barn-owl and owl calls. 
Visitors get to KEEP what ever or WHOMEVER they find inside the pellets.



A fast-paced program that highlights local back-yard birds and how they live, their importance to the world and how they're built. Bird life spans are also discussed. The program includes examples of nests, feathers, bird calls, local bird trivia and a take-home bird ID sheet as well as instructions for making various bird houses.


This program showcases LIVE animals including a box turtle, bearded dragon lizard, various frogs and a few models. 
 We discuss the differences between Reptiles and Amphibians, life cycles and the important role they all play in the environment. Also includes handouts for identification of local species.

-- "BATS!"

It's all about these flying mammals and their important role in the eco-system. The program features 8 different species of preserved bat specimens as well as a bat skeleton and bat echolocation sounds. The audience receives instructions on building a bat-house, Bat ID sheets and bat coloring pages at the finish.
Focuses on the POSITIVE side of bats.


 Explore the most beautiful of the insects as we interact with some of the BIGGEST and most spectacular preserved specimens on EARTH! This program highlights lifecycles, importance in the environment as well as examples of some very rare butterflies and moths from all over the world. Visitors receive handouts detailing differences between butterflies and moths, and butterfly stickers. 



Oregon has one of the most diverse coastal ecosystems on the planet and now it's coming to YOU! Explore sea life using models and real specimens as we discuss the fish, plant, bird and mammal life along the Oregon Beaches. This program highlights sea shells, plant life, preserved animal life and features sea life coloring pages, real sea-shell souvenirs and take-home field guides for all visitors. 


 Take a walk on the FURRY side as we get HANDS-ON with local mammals. This program features 16+ REAL animal skulls and furs for the audience to handle and interact with as we explore the wide variety of our four-legged friends. Includes studies of animal scat (poop), animal tracks and includes a hands on activity making YOUR OWN animal tracks.


This is AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN GET without getting your SHOES WET!  We cover all aspects of local ponds…..reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, birds, mammals, plants as well as a SPECIAL focus on macro-invertebrates….those little critters that make all the other animals POSSIBLE! The FOOD WEB cycle is addressed as well as predator/prey functions and the life cycle of typical ponds. Visitors receive a POND LIFE coloring page at the end.



Those things of NIGHTMARES are explained in a POSITIVE way! We explain the differences between insects and arachnids and why the spiders and scorpions are so important for humans and the environment. Body structures, venoms and different species are discussed.  Includes HANDS-ON time with LIVE arachnids including a tarantula, whip-scorpion and NON-PETTABLE local Wood Scorpion as well as various PRESERVED examples from all over the WORLD. Visitors receive a SPIDER ring and ID sheets for different species of spiders at the conclusion of the program.


Go BACK IN TIME and learn about 15 different species of well-known dinosaurs!  The HISTORY of Dinosaurs is discussed as we explore REAL fossils, pettable TEETH and CLAWS and get to FEEL what the skin of certain dinosaurs was like. Learn what era these creatures came from, LIVING dinos TODAY and at the conclusion of the program, each visitor will get to do a DINOSAUR–FOSSIL dig and get to TAKE HOME what-ever or whom-ever you might find !

There is an additional $3 materials fee for this program as it is a STEM category program.


We will be learning about 15 well known animals from Africa and Asia: Elephant, Lion, Tiger, Zebra, Giraffe, etc…..the best part is the PETTING! Furs, pelts, horns, skulls and feathers from AMAZING ANIMALS! Learn what they are, sizes, what they eat and WHERE they live.  At the end of the program, you’ll get a chance to help SAVE an animal that has gotten stuck in the QUICK SAND.  Whomever you save, you get to take it HOME with you! 

​There is an additional $3 materials fee for this program as it is a STEM category program.


 Go DOWN UNDER as we explore 12 amazing Australian animals.  TOUCH the pelts from a KOALA, DINGO, WOMBAT and KANGAROO as well as feathers from the EMU, KOOKABURRA and KIWI ! Learn about Australian history, geology, DEADLY ANIMALS and basic plant life, too. Also includes an Australian themed coloring page at the end of the program.


Please e-mail or call for more information about these programs, too. 


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