S*T*E*M* Projects   ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math )

These are some projects that I’ve been doing with my HOMESCHOOL GROUPS over the years and NOW I offer them to EVERYONE!  (Each program is 1 hour long. ) 

SIMPLE MOTORS – We experiment with copper wire, magnets and batteries to create simple motors that SPIN.  Make your own spinning flag and experiment with a BATTERY POWERED home-made DRILL using a WOOD SCREW and your simple motor.  ALL MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED.


BUILD AN ELECTROMAGNET – Build your own electromagnet using copper wire, electrical tape, a nail and a battery.  Powerful enough to pick up a string of paperclips or thumb-tacks, but NOT strong enough for CARS! We will also experiment using in-class discussion on how to make the electromagnet EVEN MORE POWERFUL!  ALL MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED.

ALTOIDS FLASHLIGHT – You get it ALL…An ALTOIDS candy tin, switch, batteries and battery holder, wire, screws and a VERY powerful LED bulb to make your OWN SUPER-COOL SPY-TYPE ALTOIDS FLASHLIGHT !  All step by step instructions and simple tools are included along with ALL MATERIALS.


“OPERATION STYLE STEM GAME”  --  Remember the old “OPERATION” game?
Naked guy with holes in him….you had to REMOVE his body parts WITHOUT touching the sidewalls of the CAVITIES in his body….otherwise the BUZZER would go off and his NOSE would light up!      Well….here’s a home-made version of that game…and YOU CAN MAKE IT YOURSELF !
ALL materials will be provided…..wood base, buzzer, wire, batteries, battery box…along with step by step instructions to complete a quality STEM project that is designed to ROCK YOUR WORLD with NOISE!

MAKE an LED SHOOTING STAR MAGIC WAND – All supplies are included to make your own Shooting Star style LED wand…battery, LED, stars, dowel, tape, colored straw….you create it, you choose the colors, you take it home! And the best part is….it GLOWS even after you turn it OFF!

MAKE a LIGHT UP LED NECKLACE – All supplies are included to make your own light up beaded necklace.…battery, LED, beads, wire, switch….you create it, you take it home! An AMAZING piece of circuitry jewelry!

***PLEASE NOTE***  As ALL materials are included with these programs,
there is an extra fee attached.  In addition to the regular PROGRAM FEE,
there will also be a nominal fee of $3 PER STUDENT PER PROJECT attached
to these STEM programs. Please inquire for more details.

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