S*T*E*M* Projects   ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math )

These are some projects that I’ve been doing with my HOMESCHOOL GROUPS over the years and NOW I offer them to EVERYONE!  (Each program is 1 hour long. ) 

SIMPLE MOTORS – We experiment with copper wire, magnets and batteries to create simple motors that SPIN.  Make your own spinning flag and experiment with a BATTERY POWERED home-made DRILL using a WOOD SCREW and your simple motor.  ALL MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED.


BUILD AN ELECTROMAGNET – Build your own electromagnet using copper wire, electrical tape, a nail and a battery.  Powerful enough to pick up a string of paperclips or thumb-tacks, but NOT strong enough for CARS! We will also experiment using in-class discussion on how to make the electromagnet EVEN MORE POWERFUL!  ALL MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED.

ALTOIDS FLASHLIGHT – You get it ALL…An ALTOIDS candy tin, switch, batteries and battery holder, wire, screws and a VERY powerful LED bulb to make your OWN SUPER-COOL SPY-TYPE ALTOIDS FLASHLIGHT !  All step by step instructions and simple tools are included along with ALL MATERIALS.


***PLEASE NOTE***  As ALL materials are included with these programs, there is an extra fee attached.  In addition to the regular PROGRAM FEE, there will also be a nominal fee of $3 PER STUDENT PER PROJECT attached to these STEM programs. Please inquire for more details.

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